Black Gold Sights Review

Black Gold Verdict Sight
By T.J. Hofhines

When it comes to the equipment on your bow, one of the most important items is your sight. When it was time for our crew to make a decision regarding which sight we want to shoot and represent, the choice was very clear. We all agreed we want to shoot the Black Gold Verdict 3 pin sight. Product Black gold review-5.jpg

After talking with the guys, all the features this sight has to offer made our decision clear. One of the key reasons we chose to go Black Gold was the low light performance you get from their sights. Black Gold did not cut any corners when it came to the fiber optics they used in this sight. They paired top of the line fiber optics with their Sky Coil patented technology. Fiber Bright, fiber optics are the brightest fiber optics on the market. While they are the brightest, they are also the most expensive. I guess it is true when people say, “you get what you pay for”.

Sky Coil technology is unlike any other containment system on a sight. In low light conditions, the Sky Coil, will release light slowly as the sun goes down. This allows your pins o stay brighter, longer. If you are a hunter, you probably know first-hand most opportunities happen in low light conditions. There is not another sight out that can compare with the low light performance of Black Gold Sights. On the flip side, this sight is also superb when it comes to bright, sunny days. The Sky Coil technology acts as a sun shade by turning purple and darkening up. It is like magic, and everyone likes magic. The Sun Shade capability eliminates your pins turning into a “Starburst”. No, I am not talking about candy, I am talking about when your pins get too bright and blur together. This makes it very difficult to differentiate individual pins and hold the correct pin on your target.

A special feature on the Verdict sight, is the Dial of Death. This feature is only available on the Verdict models. These models are available in a single pin, 3 pin or 5 pin. We all shoot the 3 pin option for two reasons:

The first reason is that we like less clutter. The more pins you have, the greater your chances are of using the wrong pin when the stakes are high and adrenaline is pumping. Even though a 3 pin decreases your yardage options, the Dial of Death makes up for that tenfold. It gives you the ability to use your bottom pin as a floater. Depending on the speed of your bow, you can reach up to 150 yards. Another bonus of this sight, is that the yardage tape is at a 45 angle. You never have to turn your bow to adjust the yardage.

The second reason is that we all shoot the same equipment in the back country. If one of our bows becomes unusable, we can easily use each other’s equipment.
Our style of hunting is very rough on equipment. Black Gold sights are tough as nails. They withstand the abuse we put them through. The best example I can think of is Justin. He falls down A LOT! He is usually so focused on getting the perfect shot in the frame, he is not watching his feet. We have all witnessed him rolling down a hill head over heels, with bow in hand or on his back. The sight has survived every single occurrence. There have been several!

The best thing, and I mean the best thing about Black Gold is that if Justin had broken his sight, it would have been covered under their “Lifetime Unconditional Guarantee” NO MATTER WHAT! Being an Archery Shop owner, I have seen Black Gold honor this warranty time and time again, no questions asked. This is why Top Priority Hunting Productions uses Black Gold Sights!

*Black Gold Sights sponsors Top Priority Hunting and Top Priority Hunting received product from Black Gold Sights. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are those of Top Priority Hunting.

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