Cordova Cooler Review

March 18th, 2017
by Justin Nelson

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One of the most frustrating, stressful things for a hunter is losing your hard earned harvest to heat. I remember last year during the Antelope season when my stress level went through the roof. With temperatures soaring into the 90’s and not a gas station for miles, I was in a panic trying everything I could to cool out the antelope I had just harvested. Yeah, I brought coolers and ice for the animal if I was successful, but they were no match for the Idaho desert heat. When I returned to the truck all of the ice I had brought was melted. The only thing I could think of at the time was having the meat ride inside my pickup and blasting the A.C. Although it worked and I was able to save all of the meat, balancing the air conditioning and keeping my truck from over heating was stressful as hell. As hunters we owe our animals the best care and respect for the meat that they provide. After that day I would never go hunting without a cooler that couldn’t hold ice.

Cordova Coolers

Made in the USA. First of all this means a lot to us. If something goes wrong, you can get it fixed plain and simple. They also come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner, you can’t beat that. Just don’t forget to register your cooler from 30 days of purchase and you will be covered for life.Product Cordova Cooler Review-8

Lets be honest the most important part of a cooler is how well it stays cool. Cordova Cooler was engineered in the heart of the glacial tundra of the Pacific Northwest. It was manufactured to hold ice longer than competitors. Cordova Coolers uses an eco friendly foam that has the highest insulation rating of any rotomolded cooler on the market today. Not to mention, if your going to have a big bulky box with you at all times, make sure it is bad ass looking. The Cordova lineup is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast that enjoys many different kinds of adventures. Not only is this a great cooler for a hunter, its perfect for just about everyone.

With so many variations of sizes the Cordova Coolers gives you the perfect size for your exact activity.Product Cordova Cooler Review-4


Inside dimensions:
• 18.00″ Length
• 8.75″ Width
• 10.00″ Height
Outside dimensions:
• 26.25″ Length
• 14.25″ Wide
• 16.00″ Height
Weight: 19.50 Pounds

Inside dimensions:
20.00″ Length
12.00″ Width
11.25″ Height
Outside dimensions:
28.25″ Length
18.00″ Width
16.75″ Height
Weight: 26.00 Pounds

Inside dimensions:
30.50″ Length
12.00″ Width
13.50″ Height
Outside dimensions:
38.00″ Length
17.75″ Width
18.75″ Height
Weight: 34.50 Pounds

Inside dimensions:
37-7/8″ Length
14″ Width
14-3/4″ Height
Outside dimensions:
46″ Length
19-5/8″ Width
19-3/4″ Height
Weight: 45 lbs.

Now that you have the right size lets talk features. Cordova Cooler has an air tight seal which keeps the cold in and dust out. On the front of the cooler there is two rubber latches that firmly attach the lid closed. The easy to pull rubber latches fit securely and keep the lid down.Product Cordova Cooler Review-5

One of the best features i’ve run across is Cordova’s patented lid locking system. When you lift the lid fully up, instead of falling back down or having to hold the lid up while your grabbing a cold one, the lid actually stays up. When your done, you can close the lid.Product Cordova Cooler Review-3

Since the coolers are built to hold ice, they were engineered to be built tough. You can have the best cooler out there but if latches and handles break, what good is the cooler. The Cordova Cooler is built to last, it’s built to hold your hard earned meat. The aluminum handles and comfortable rubber grips make a heavy cooler easier to move around. There is also a bottle opener on the aluminum handles that works great.Product Cordova Cooler Review-7

No more will your cooler be sliding around in the bed of your truck. The Cordova Cooler has rubber pads in each corner on the bottom of the cooler. An easy to use aluminum drain plug finishes off the bottom side of the cooler making it easy to drain down unwanted water.Product Cordova Cooler Review-6

Like our favorite beers, Cordova Cooler has a temperature activated sensor that tells you when the cooler could use a little more ice. Blue Is Good!

The price is comparable to any of the top brand competitors. Your going to spend some money on these coolers but you won’t be disappointed. To find a local dealer, check out or message Top Priority Hunting and we will be glad to help.

If your looking to hunt, fish, boat, or do just about anything that involves keeping something cold, check out Cordova Coolers. Give yourself the confidence to hunt the extreme heats and still get your game back home cooled down, the way it should be. #COOLERADVENTURES #TOPPRIORITYHUNTINGProduct Cordova Cooler Review-2

*Cordova Coolers sponsors Top Priority Hunting and Top Priority Hunting received product from Cordova Coolers. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are those of Top Priority Hunting.

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  1. Awesome information! Thank you. Love to hear great reviews on American made products and I can buy locally.

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