Top Priority Hunting Productions

Top Priority Hunting is now offering filming and editing services. Every hunt has a lasting memory. Let us film your hunt of a lifetime and make the memories last forever. Our years of hunting and countless encounters give us the edge in sneaking up with you to catch the shot. We will travel to great lengths to make your hunt as epic as it can be. We have passports and can travel just about as far as you need us to go. As a bonus to getting your hunt filmed, our experiences as hunters will aid in your trip, guaranteed. Our services are based on our availability. We ask for as much notice as possible, as planning these trips around our families can be hard at times. At the end of your hunt we may ask you for your written permission to let us promote your video through Top Priority Hunting Productions.

Filming – $400per day (one camera man)   $700per day (2 camera men)

*We film in full HD resolution with our camera equipment. We use DSLRs with multiple lenses, go-pros, and also a drone for aerial footage. “Drone work requires additional costs”

*We will capture scenery, time-lapses, wildlife, and of course, the hunt from start to finish.

*We will also film through optics for the long shots.

*We are open for your suggestions. If there is something in particular that you want, let us know and we would be glad to capture it.

*We will take pictures throughout the hunt. Prints and/or digital copies are available for purchase.

* $150 per day travel fee – per camera man (non hunting days)

Editing – $100 per edited – finished min.

*Option 1-We will bring the footage to life and create your video. A typical action packed video is roughly 6-10 min long. If you would like a longer more in depth video, talk to us prior to the hunt. You will receive a DVD of your hunt and all of the copyrights. An uploaded video will also be available on the Web at no charge. Expect to have your video complete in 6-8 weeks.

*Option 2- We don’t edit the footage into a video, instead we take all of the raw footage and put it on a DVD or flash drive. This option also comes with full copyrights. $500

If you have footage from the past or a recent hunt, contact us. We would be glad to edit your footage.

Not Included –

*Filming permit costs required by your State, BLM or Forest Service.

*Lodging, travel expenses, and meals.

*Stock music for video, extra time-lapses or scenery shots not taken during the actual trip.



For more information email us at or at


  1. Gentleman, I have hit the lottery. Persian Ibex January Archery tag in NM. Would like to enter Full Draw Film Tour or Western Hunter Magazine video contest. Please contact me. 505-227-7505.

  2. Hey guys – I really like your film making ability and attention to detail without an unlimited budget. Question – would you guys consider being hired to teach me how to film, choose the right equipment, and to edit film ? If so, what kind of time frame would guess a class of some sort would take, and what kind of rate or charge would I be looking at for this ? My end goal would be to film and capture backcountry hunts with high quality, not trying to have a second career, just another way for me to enjoy the outdoors – especially on those years I don’t draw tags. Thanks in advance !

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